Controla+: Management software for scheduled deliveries

Avoid penalties for breach of time window deliveries

Controla+ ® is a mobility software for the accreditation of planned deliveries with time window, which draws on information gathered through an app installed on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), and using this software sends real time all the information collected to a backoffice, from which a manager controls all activity.

With Controla+ we reduce the costs of sanctions your customers impose on suppliers who access their facilities outside the time frame established by them. How? Demonstrating arrival time, wait and exit, leaving no room for doubt. In addition, Controla+® allows you to indicate whether there was some sort of impact on delivery (breakage, cargo movement, etc ..)

Thus, if unjustified sanction, you can show proof that the service was conducted in compliance with the conditions established by your client.

Optional and complementary services

Possibility of Outsourcing

The information collected by your staff using the Controla+ app, is managed by our Backoffice agents, notifying and taking action against non-fulfillment of your KPI’s with the utmost rigor. Our team is responsible for generating alarms, and periodic reports are sent to those responsible for your company.

Management and document verification
Implement a system recovery and management of physical delivery notes and invoices, reducing to zero the wanderings and minimizing handling times.

  • According to the planned services, we automate the claim and the return of goods delivery notes.
  • Verification, scanning, digitizing, archiving and custody of all documents relating to deliveries.
  • Billing management, collating invoices and delivery notes with onward shipment to your customer.
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software con el que podrás controlar las entregas planificadas
What are the benefits to your company?

100% Reliable

Positioning the data picking device (non-intrusive)

Quality control

Ensures compliance with the restrictions and regulations imposed by your customers

Ensure deadlines

Controlling time loading, unloading, waiting lapse and final delivery of invoices

Agile billing

Streamlines the billing process, obtaining the delivery note image stamped by the customer in real-time

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of penalties imposed by customers for breach of time window