Controla+® features

What can you do with this software for managing your scheduled deliveries?

These are some of the features that makes Controla+® as an indispensable tool for demonstrating that freight deliveries have been made and have performed well.

Customized forms

We create fully configurable forms according to the criteria and needs of your organization

QR & Barcode Scanner

The app includes a barcode and QR scanner that allows you to streamline the entire process


Data flow control and reports taken in the field, in real time, from any computer

CMR conection

Controla+® dumps all the collected information to your CRM

Offline option

If there is no signal during the process, Controla+® sends the report as soon as the detected


You can also add documents annexed to the report from the application


You can take pictures of the process, showing the state of the load against possible allegations of incidents, sealed delivery notes, etc … and attached it to the report

Digital signature

Controla+® It has a field in the forms intended for digital signature, to attach to the activity report

Non-intrusive GPS

Does not capture the tracking of the route, but records relevant points information, positioning the device in the place of delivery