software para el control de las entregas planificadas

Software for the scheduled deliveries management

Avoid penalties for non-compliance of time window deliveries

100% Reliable

Positioning the data picking device (non-intrusive)

Quality control

Ensures compliance with the restrictions and regulations imposed by your customers

Ensure deadlines

Controlling time loading, unloading, waiting lapse and final delivery of invoices

Agile billing

Streamlines the billing process, obtaining the delivery note image stamped by the customer in real-time

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of penalties imposed by customers for breach of time window

entregas en tiempo real
¿What is Controla+®?

Controla+® is a solution born from our experience in the logistics sector, a sector where they are becoming more and more penalties for breach of time window imposed by customers. The need for supplier companies to control and demonstrate to their customers the successful completion of scheduled deliveries of goods is vital and that is why we created this software.

What do we accomplish in the different departments of your company?

We designed Controla+® in response to the urgent need to justify and ensure the realization of the transport and delivery of goods at destination, and fulfilling its timeslot.

reduce los constes por penalizaciones

Logistics Department

Reduce costs avoiding penalties for non-compliance of time window deliveries imposed by your costumers

Sales Department

Have data on waiting times will allow you to have strategic information on the contract negotiations with your customers.

Finance Department

The certainty of delivery and the image of seal packing list, can overtake the billing process without waiting for receipt of the original.

Human Resources Department

Saves you money on hiring administrative staff dedicated to managing paper documents.

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